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 Romantic Road

Along the seaside of Lustrafjord - from Kinsedalen to Skjolden - there is a small well-surfaced road which is the perfect spot for a relaxed biketrip along the innermost part of the second longest fjord in the world.

You just have to do this one! Crossing the fjord on a tiny ferry, rolling along an idyllic well paved road with very little traffic, experience the Unesco Urnes stave church and visit the deer farm. Halfway you stop and take a picture of a very nice little waterfall, half an hour later you hike up to the second highest free falling waterfall in Norway. Buy a bottle of home made juice in the self service fridge just as you get thirsty along the road. You may see a wild deer running along the road together with you, you may see a bunch of seals in the fjord. Or porpoises.  

Feigumsfossen the second highest free falling waterfall in Norway with 218 metres fall. It sounds like an earthquake and if you get closer than this picture you are guaranteed a cold shower.

Movie about biketrip on the romantic road:!