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Ice Lake Kayak Paddling

In the proximity of the Jostedalsbreen glacier there are several remote valleys with glacier lakes. Combine a glacier walk with a widerness experience and a kayak trip where you paddle between icebergs. Icetroll offers kayak and glacier hikes in these regions. The tours are designed for any ability. They are long day trips, so you should be prepared with a big lunch pack and good clothing fro being outdoors the whole day. But the tempo is relaxing, so you don't have to be in especially good physical shape.

These are the daytrips:
1. Styggevatnet Daytrip. 7,5 hours. Early July- mid October.
Kayak paddle and glacier walk. Highlight: Kayak around icebergs
2. Styggevatnet Halfday. 4 hours. Mid July- mid October. 
Boat trip and glacier walk. Designed for families.
3. Tunsbergdalsbreen Daytrip. 9 hours. June- mid October. Kayak paddle and glacier walk. Highlight: Hiking a Wild Gorge & Isolated Glacier
4. Nigardsbrevatnet Daytrip. 6 hours. Late May- early July.
Kayak paddle and glacier walk. Highlight: longer glacier trip.
There are also several overnight trips.

Most of the daytrips can be reached with the glacier bus, but be aware that you may not catch the glacier bus on the way back. If so, you need to take a later bus from the glacier center that will not take you all the way down to Solvorn. You will have to walk the last three kilometers from the main road down to Eplet.