Accomodation at Eplet


Eplet has 23 beds in two houses. The white house was the home of the local sherriff, his office is today's reception, and the old prison cell is still in the basement. The red house was once a small barn with two cows and plenty of sheep. Today these buildings have 5 double rooms, 2 triple rooms and one 7-bed dormitory. In the garden there are two tipis with 4-5 mattresses and tent space for campers.

Eplet has 5 double rooms and 2 triple rooms with balcony. All the rooms were renovated 2016 and have the same fantastic fjord view. The 2 triple rooms has their own balcony. The rooms are very basic, clean and practical. Bedclothes and towels are included and there is a shared shower and toilet just outside the rooms. We dont offer any luxury, but we guarantee that you will feel at home. 

The dormitory is a basic 7-bed mixed room. The beds can be moved together to make a double bed if you like. We have single travellers, couples and families from all over the world staying here and that works just fine. Bedclothes and towels are included.

In the garden we have one 4-mattress tipi and one slightly larger with 5 mattresses. It is very popular for families or when the dormitory is full. We charge the same as a bed in the dormitory. You get a good mattress and bedclothes plus plenty of fresh air. Mosquitoes are not really a problem in Solvorn, so you can sleep easy :)

We have space for 10 tents, which is approximately 25 people on our small campground in the garden. Camping cars and caravans are not allowed. As a camper you can use all the common rooms and facilities, but you have to be a bit restricted with using the kitchens as private rooms have priority. But you have the best location in the world for a BBQ or camping stove :) There is a separate shower and toliets for campers in the basement of the red house.